For over 15 years, the Sumeru team has combined technology investing and operating expertise in a highly integrated approach to helping our portfolio companies scale successfully and sustainably. We partner with founders and company management to grow their business, build innovative products that delight customers, and hire great people. Sumeru is headquartered in Silicon Valley and invests in developed markets around the world, with a particular emphasis on helping companies expand in North America. The team has made over 50 investments and add-on acquisitions in technology companies, resulting in several IPOs and numerous exits to leading financial and strategic acquirers.

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Don’t worry. It’s not as hard to pronounce as you think. It starts with suh, mare (like the horse) and roo. And make sure you put the accent on the second syllable like suh `mare roo, and you’re home free.

the team

The Sumeru team includes experienced investors, founders, and operating executives with extensive backgrounds in technology. The team has a strong track record with over 50 platform and add-on investments in technology companies leading to successful IPOs and numerous exits to leading financial and strategic acquirers.

Melody Aprill

Jason Babcoke

John Brennan

Ben Cox

Ashkon Farmand

Davis George

Faton Gjuka

Mark Haller

Su Yin Harwood

Macy Huang

George Kadifa

Jack McCabe

Ofir Menjivar

Paul Mercadante

Sanjeet Mitra

Cameron Najmabadi

Abigail Ocana

Christine Ordesta

Sofija Ostojic

Pejman Pourmousa

Randy Randleman

Kyle Ryland

Pankti Shah

Raymond Shen

Blake Shott

Nathan Stanley

Shari Tang

Smita Vasudev

Imari Yamane

Nancy Ye

Jialin Zhang

Michael Zhang