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Operational Focus

SEP principals have over 75 years of experience running and managing technology companies. We believe our skill sets are honed toward specific activities that help small and medium-sized technology businesses succeed. We partner with founders and management teams to build growth capital leaders by focusing on the following areas:

Go-To-Market Acceleration Icon

Go-To-Market Acceleration

  • Efficient marketing and customer acquisition
  • Innovative customer support and retention initiatives
  • Sales compensation aligned with growth capital strategies

Product Strategy Icon

Product Strategy

  • Market-leading product roadmaps
  • Attracting high caliber technical talent
  • Cloud-based business models
  • Operations that are scalable and resilient

Organizational Development Icon

Organizational Development

  • Executive recruitment
  • Efficient management processes
  • Incentive structures that drive equity value creation

Monitoring and Governance Icon

Monitoring and Governance

  • Leading indicator metrics that drive insight and action
  • Robust planning and reporting
  • Best-in-class business systems

What Does It Look Like In Practice?

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