Cracking the Code: Achieving Product Market Fit

Your product can be the best, most innovative thing to hit the market in the last 25 years and still not lead to a sustainable business. Without Product Market Fit, you can’t scale. But that doesn’t mean you need to scrap everything and return to the drawing board — sometimes you need to shift markets.

Jason Babcoke, Managing Director at Sumeru Equity Partners speaks with Garin Hess, Founder and CEO at Consensus about how entrepreneurs can navigate finding Product Market Fit, whether it requires adapting the product, strategies and approaches themselves, shifting markets entirely, or a little bit of both. Ultimately, the right fit is sustainable and scalable, providing mutual benefit.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What Product Market Fit is and how to know when you’ve achieved it
  • Sales Enablement vs. Buyer Enablement
  • Accelerating the buyer experience for rapid growth