Thought Leadership Series: Predicting the Future of Technology

Dan Held, Chief Growth Officer, Kraken

December 10, 2020

Planting Bitcoin – A discussion of Bitcoin’s role in the coming crypto financial revolution

Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies it is spawning are a revolutionary development in computing and finance. Combining decentralization, advanced cryptography, and game theory, these systems represent the first computing platforms that can make effective guarantees that they will run as designed — precluding the ability of individuals or institutions to censor their operation or intervene to modify their function. Dan’s talk will cover the basics of Satoshi Nakamoto’s integration of 20 years of computing and cryptographic progress to culminate in the blockchain and Bitcoin. In addition, Dan will discuss the unique role Bitcoin is poised to play as an alternative currency and store of value. The new “digital gold.”

Dan Held, Chief Growth Officer, Kraken

Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCL Technologies

September 24, 2020

Future of IT Infrastructure is a Digital Foundation

HCL is a $10 Billion systems integrator and operator, and KK leads their technology strategy. His talk will address the current and future technology directions of IT Infrastructure in a post hybrid cloud world. It will cover the way our technology leaders should think about their infrastructure and how to be best positioned for the future.

Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCL Technologies

Rupen Patel, CSO, Healthgrades

November 6, 2020

Big Data Infrastructure – Lakes, Pipelines, Views

Rupen Patel is the former CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Influence Health. Now Chief Strategy Officer at Healthgrades. “Big Data Infrastructure – Lakes, Pipelines, Views (and why Snowflake is so valuable).”

Using data effectively underpins the success of almost every successful modern company. Rupen’s talk will cover the emergent Data Refinery pattern required to satisfy multiple business objectives of a scalable data strategy. Rupen will discuss business considerations, key technical principles/designs, and lessons learned.

Rupen Patel, CSO, Healthgrades

Alan Baratz, President & CEO, D-Wave Systems

December 3, 2020

Quantum Computing – Status and Promise

D-Wave is a leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software, and the world’s only commercial supplier of quantum computers. Its mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing for the world. D-Wave believes that quantum computing will enable solutions to the most challenging national defense, scientific, technical, and commercial problems.

Alan Baratz, President and CEO, D-Wave Systems