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Sumeru Growth Program

Sumeru partners with founders and management teams to drive sustained growth and operational excellence. Our team fosters a true scaling partnership through a collaborative approach and provides solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company. Portfolio companies also benefit from our proprietary collection of best practices and benchmarking data to accelerate performance across key domains.

Scaling Expertise

Competing for growth in today’s market is tough. With Sumeru’s Growth Program you have a partner who is with you through it all. Our team of experienced operators bring functional expertise to supercharge your business. Sumeru’s proven processes, hands-on engagement, and expert networks can create significant value for founders, employees and customers. Still unsure? See below, and check out a few of our case studies or podcasts.


Growth companies in tech often invest heavily in sales. But just hiring more reps isn’t enough. Sales teams need training, structure, and support to crush it. Sumeru’s long experience working alongside growth leaders gives us the insights to help your sales team win.

Sumeru brings sophisticated sales domain expertise suited to the specific needs of every portfolio company. This is not a cookie cutter ‘playbook’ approach. We help drive performance improvement and sales acceleration by focusing on areas such as:

  • Account planning and target setting
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Sales team management and KPIs
  • Sales rep enablement

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Demand generation and awareness building are critical elements of your growth strategy. We can help strike the right balance between the short-term benefits of performance marketing and the long game of creating a strong, recognizable brand.

Sumeru believes digital marketing expertise is key to a successful demand generation strategy. This requires coordination across multiple channels to convert prospects into customers and customers into promoters. We can work with you on:

  • Messaging and Content Strategy
  • Buyer’s Journey and SEO
  • Digital Advertising
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Marketing KPIs and Tech Stack

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Go To Market Marketing

Customer Success

Winning customers is hard, but growth companies with recurring revenues often need help on-boarding, supporting and expanding those landed accounts. Sumeru understands the keys to creating a world-class Customer Success organization.

Sumeru provides targeted Customer Success expertise paired with hands-on operational help and benchmarking so organizations can improve growth drivers, such as:

  • Retention & renewal rates
  • Customer satisfaction and health scores
  • Time-to-value acceleration
  • Services profitability
  • Upselling and expansion

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Go To Market Customer Success


Keeping customers delighted requires constant innovation. Meanwhile, the competition never sleeps. Sumeru helps companies stay competitive by honing their product innovation flywheel to identify new market opportunities, scale product and design teams, and build long-term roadmaps.

A passion for product is the lifeblood of successful software companies. Sumeru brings practical and proven expertise in areas such as:

  • Product strategy
  • Product management
  • User experience and design
  • Roadmaps for products and platforms
  • M&A product integration

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Rapid growth creates unique challenges for engineering organizations that have to innovate while keeping up with large customer needs, competing for talent, and handling complexity in applications and infrastructure. Sumeru experts partner with our engineering leaders to conquer these challenges.

Sumeru engages with engineering teams at our companies in areas such as:

  • Engineering organizational design and process
  • Productivity and risk metrics
  • Security and compliance
  • Cloud native architectures at scale
  • Machine learning

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Product And Technology Technology

Pricing & Packaging

Pricing and packaging is a powerful lever for creating value in software companies, but it is often underutilized. Sumeru helps companies evaluate and revamp their pricing models to better reflect how value scales for their customers.

Sumeru leverages our deep domain expertise to provide assessment, guidance and hands-on execution on common pricing topics:

  • Pricing strategy & pricing metric selection
  • Packaging strategy & customer segmentation
  • Pricing Execution, discounting & approvals

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Pricing Packaging

Organizational Scaling

Organizations must evolve as companies add customers, employees, and products. The old ways and structures may no longer work as the business becomes more complex. Many of these decisions are highly impactful so you don’t want to get them wrong. Sumeru has extensive experience partnering with management teams to navigate this difficult path.

Sumeru helps ensure management teams can meet long-term growth targets by focusing on organizational scaling priorities, such as:

  • Defining org structure, roles & responsibilities
  • Assessing, developing and recruiting talent
  • Adapting business processes and upgrading support systems

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People Organizational Scaling


Nothing is more important to your business than your employees and company culture. Getting the right leadership team in place will have a huge impact on your success and ability to sleep well. Sumeru’s hands-on approach can help find, recruit and close the candidates you need to hire.

Sumeru has extensive experience helping companies fill key roles. We partner with CEOs and other team leads on:

  • Accessing Sumeru’s network of technology operating executives
  • Pre-hire assessments and structured interviewing
  • Attracting and ranking highly qualified candidates
  • Ensuring an efficient recruiting process

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People Recruiting


How do you scale a company without losing its soul? Sumeru understands that a strong culture reflects the leaders’ values. Collaboration, trust, and learning are key ingredients to persevere and thrive in a competitive landscape.

At Sumeru we have a deep respect for the importance of company culture and its impact on business performance. The right culture can be a tremendous tailwind and the wrong one can be a horrible headwind. Ultimately it’s up to the CEO to set the tone from the top, which is one reason why the job is so hard. Choose the right partner for your journey.

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People Culture