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Building Teams That Scale: Hiring, engaging, and motivating a team that drives exponential growth

During this episode of the Scaling with Sumeru podcast, we are joined by two founder/CEOs that are helping companies build teams that scale while scaling their own teams.

These experts, Nicole Alvino of Firstup, and Josh Millet of Criteria, discuss how to build an engaged team, how to motivate a team that drives exponential growth based on their experience.

They also discussed how to integrate data with the hiring process in order to help build an engaged team.

How onboarding can help build an engaged team

“During the first 90 days of employment, an employee is probably never as excited or as happy,” Nicole Alvino of Firstup explained.

“It is important to create a human connection duringt this onboarding process that helps a new team member feel like they have a friend at work. Approaching the onboarding process with this mindset will help build an engaged team.

“This also helps employees feel connected to the purpose and strategic vision of the company, along with how their role can ladder up to that.”

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