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The Power of Always Learning: What it takes to scale a company in the ed-tech space

Sumeru Co-founder and Managing Partner Sanjeet Mitra hosts a conversation with two prominent leaders of ed-tech companies: Advait Shinde, CEO and Founder of GoGuardian, and Nick Hernandez, CEO and Founder of 360Learning.

Sanjeet leads Sumeru’s EdTech investment team, which has done five platform and add-on investments in the past few years.

You can’t grow in EdTech if you don’t learn

“We have an exceptional format in this EdTech podcast episode,” Sanjeet Mitra said.

“We’ve got two great EdTech leaders to discuss how you scale learning. For us at Sumeru, learning is a very important paradigm. It’s, in fact, something that we think is inextricably linked to growth.

“You can’t grow if you don’t learn.

“But I think one of the fascinating things in being in growth and the types of companies we talk to is the ability to learn, collaborate, and bring together creative techniques to scale companies.

“We spend a good chunk of time talking about learning itself and how learning applies to companies. During a great conversation, Advait and Nick also explain their ed-tech journeys and excellent insights.”

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