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Ticket Deflection Using AI: The Future of Scaling Businesses

The groundbreaking emergence of AI in business has shattered the way many processes take place, kicking up efficiency and automation. This technology has been around for a while, but until recently  it’s been received as hit or miss. It’s evident we are  only scratching the surface with the potential use cases and in this week’s episode we discuss one major application where  AI offers scaling businesses an extremely enticing solution — streamlining internal and external communications.

Join our host Pejman Pourmousa, Operating Partner at Sumeru Equity Partners, who sits down with our latest guest, Rob Baker, VP of Digital Services and Support at Firstup to discuss AI applications across businesses through the practical use case of AI in ticket deflection and several other modern strategies. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Ticket deflection, why it’s important and how AI is streamlining processes
  • Incorporating conversational AI ethically, with problem-solving intention
  • The number one challenge in tech support (and how AI can solve it)