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The Power of Mentorship: The Sumeru Fellows Program

Inside the Sumeru Fellows Program with Isabella Souza

Get the inside scoop on the Sumeru Fellows program. On this episode of the Scaling with Sumeru podcast, special guests Isabella Souza discusses her experiences in the program and how it kick-started her career.

The podcast conversation about finance mentorship is led by Jialin Zhang, vice president at Sumeru, who highlights the program’s benefits and details.

The Sumeru Fellows Program

The Sumeru Fellows Program is 10 weeks long. It started in 2020, with the goal of providing meaningful business and career-building opportunities to university students of underrepresented backgrounds within the tech and finance space.

The program was born out of the recognition that there was a need for more opportunities and that Sumeru was in a position to help make that happen. The program features workshops, training sessions with external vendors, group case studies, and also a speaker series with industry leaders.

Each fellow has a senior mentor at a portfolio company, or Sumeru, based on what their interests are–which can include HR, marketing, operations, and other areas. Students meet with their mentors periodically throughout the program for career-building advice.

They also get to practice things like resume writing, mock interviews, and learn about networking opportunities.

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