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Sumeru Growth Program

Sumeru partners with founders and management teams to drive sustained growth and operational excellence. Our team fosters a collaborative approach and provides solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company. Portfolio companies also benefit from our proprietary collection of best practices and benchmarking data to accelerate performance across key domains.

Growth Summits

At Sumeru, we completely understand that scaling a business is never easy—whether it’s managing growing pains, continuously innovating or maintaining a growth culture. We believe that the power of collaboration and always learning from founder and executive peers is an important forum to share experiences and brainstorm on scaling ideas. That’s why we bring together executives from our portfolio companies throughout the year in our Sumeru Growth Summits.

These summits provide a platform for portfolio company leaders in product & technology, go-to-market, customer success, people / culture and operational finance to connect and learn from each other as well as industry experts in the Sumeru network.

Our summits cater to the unique needs of leaders in growth-oriented technology companies. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, these summits serve as a community forum that help drive organic growth levers across product leadership, go-to-market acceleration and growth culture.

Below is just a sample of our regular events—come join us!

  • Generative AI Summit: Created to prompt proactive discussion around the latest developments in AI and exciting use-cases across our portfolio companies.
  • CEO and Founders Forum: Aimed at helping CEOs tackle the toughest challenges facing their companies, with insights shared from former founders having been through the journey.
  • HR Leaders Summit: Directed at enabling people leaders to stay ahead of the curve and empower their people strategies for future growth.
  • CFO Excellence Summit: Designed to provide CFOs greater insight into the levers of performance improvement, from benchmarking to tech stack adoption.
  • Technology & Innovation Forum: Focused on uncovering practical ways of incorporating the latest technology trends and innovations.
  • Customer Success Summit: Moving beyond the fundamentals of customer engagement and retention, we aim to share best practices around topics such as OKR deployment and team compensation structures.
Portfolio Exec Summits