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Account Based Selling

Discover Account-Based Selling (ABS), a strategy focusing on high-value accounts, personalized efforts, and strong relationships to close more deals.

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Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) provide strategic advice, balance founder ideas, and enhance customer experience, crucial for understanding behavior and driving success.

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Customer Success

Customer success ensures customers achieve their goals with your products. It includes roles like account management, renewals, and support to build long-term relationships.

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Founder Friendly Investing

True founder-friendly investing means being an active partner, supporting founders through new challenges, and providing solutions to ensure success.

What is a Founder Friendly Investor?


Growth Capital

Growth capital funds growing companies during transformative periods, supporting scaling, new products, market entry, and acquisitions while providing liquidity.

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Market Research

Pre-launch market research helps companies gain insights, refine strategies, and optimize products, leading to strategic growth and scalability.

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Private Equity

Private equity involves funding companies outside the stock market, offering capital and support for mature companies with moderate growth prospects.

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Product Led Growth

Product leadership is crucial. High user expectations from top consumer apps set a high bar for enterprise software, making exceptional products essential.

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Product Market Fit

Product market fit ensures a product meets customer needs and solves pain points, boosting retention, loyalty, and growth for a successful SaaS business.

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Product Stickiness

Learn about product stickiness, its impact on customer retention, account expansion, and lifetime value, and how to calculate it for your SaaS products.

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Sales Engagement Platforms

Sales engagement platforms help scale businesses, manage sales beyond spreadsheets, optimize growth, and make strategic decisions based on key metrics.

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Sales Motion

Sales motion involves strategies to drive sales. Startups often begin with a round-robin approach for prospecting and customer assignments.

What is Sales Motion?

Sales Operations

Sales Operations involves processes and tools to boost sales productivity. As sales teams grow, Sales Ops manage training, incentives, tools, territory planning, and performance analysis, easing the burden on sales leaders.

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